Our main endeavour in designing every project is to understand the existing local characteristics that contribute to a strong sense of place - and then amplify them. For the Kingland High Street project a light touch retrofit approach has been taken; with restorations to existing facades that had long been covered up. The new black facades are given highlights of colour through murals and lighting.

The interiors of each unit have been designed with future adaptability in mind, ensuring flexibility for changes in space requirements or unit ownership. To create a cohesive feel across all the units, black plasterboard ceilings, skirtings and a grey industrial floor finish were consistently applied across all the units. Though there is a distinctive feel - each tenant had a fairly blank canvas to create a space that fit their needs.

Upgrades to the servicing of the units and the addition of washroom facilities were also part of the works. Stylistically, the frontage design is simple with the name and number of each new retailer picked out in white lettering on a punchy black façade.

The range of shops will help to ensure the long-term success of Kingland for the owners Legal & General – who are also trialling a new financial model for the pioneering business owners to create space for a creative community to flourish. Steps like these will help to stave off the ‘often-touted’ decline of the high street.

Kingland was a creative and collaborative effort – which is typical of Aberrant Architecture’s process. Aberrant Architecture partnered with a local Creative Director, local designers, digital marketers and influencers who were vital in shaping our understanding of the area and its communities. Six months in and the site has been transformed, shifting the perception of the Shopping Centre and adjacent high street.

“As creative director, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Aberrant on the Kingland regeneration project. They instantly had a feel for the brand and style we’d developed and interpreted it seamlessly into the shopfront and interiors of our street. In the world’s most ridiculously short timings too.”

Hollie Newton, Creative Director


Legal & General




Poole, England

Project Duration

6 Months