Littlesmith X Topshop Oxford Street

In 2016, we created a new retail concession for bespoke jewellery start-up Littlesmith at the flagship Topshop store in London. We drew on a range of products and materials (handmade, natural, recycled and digital) to create an adaptable and fitting showcase for their work at the heart of Oxford Street.

To complement the polished gold, silver and rose-gold of Littlesmith’s signature products, we created the concession stand using Jesmonite tiles (handmade by Katie Gillies), solid maple and brass details, raw perforated plywood and an innovative plastic developed from recycled food packaging. We kept these humble materials simply and minimally styled to contrast with the high-value finish of Littlesmith’s product range, just adding indoor plants to create a pleasant and soothing environment within the hustle and bustle of the store.

Behind the angled display counters, a generously-sized workstation allowed for Littlesmith’s signature ‘live’ jewellery production, where skilled artisans produced the company’s bespoke items in plain view of customers, who could watch while their item was made. We surrounded the workstation with ample drawers and shelves to store necessary tools and materials. Above the counters and work stations, a distinctive square-section brass rail allowed for further displays of Littlesmith products. The stand was designed as a series of movable modules which locked together simply and easily, so that the entire stand could be moved to different locations around and beyond the store.

We used a series of large pegboards to form a playful backdrop for the counter units and workstation, and counterbalanced the traditional look and feel of these with smaller, digital displays for customer interaction. Made from heavy-duty birch plywood, the pegboards were sturdy enough to hold shelves, storage boxes, illuminated signage and plant pots, and were customisable to enable Littlesmith to easily and frequently update their displays and keep the stand looking fresh and inviting. Single-letter pegs could also be used to spell out an infinite number of brand messages, mottos or offers, echoing Littlesmith’s own process, customising and enhancing objects “one letter at a time”.

“When we partnered with TOPSHOP to introduce pop-ups to the store, they wanted brands who’d bring in new experiences. This is what Littlesmith does so well, so it’s no surprise their pop-up became a permanent feature. We’ve loved seeing how the Littlesmith brand has grown over the last year and the new design of his stall by Aberrant is a testament to that, putting the Littlesmith experience front and centre.”

Ross Bailey, CEO of Appear Here




12.5 sqm


Topshop Oxford Street, London

Project Duration

6 Months