Paint A Fish

2013 was a pivotal moment for fishing policy in the EU, offering MEPs a once-in-a-decade opportunity to reform the Common Fisheries Policy. After years of an unsustainable policy, about two-thirds of EU species were considered over-fished, and it was time to act to restore these fish stocks for future generations.

Alongside some vital research and reports, the New Economics Foundation (nef) launched the colourful, interactive Paint a Fish campaign to put pressure on the leaders who would contribute to the vote about the policy reforms.

We were delighted to play a part in Paint a Fish by designing a book and an event for the initiative. Our book design, featuring a laser-cut fish net cover, is made up of a postcard from every single member state of the EU. Young people from EU countries were asked to submit artwork for the front of the postcards as well as a message for the back, written in their own language and addressed to their respective fisheries ministers to urge them to bring about sustainable reforms. Over 31,600 adults and children took part in the campaign, and thankfully the European Parliament voted to reform the policy to protect endangered stocks.

As part of nef’s long-term objective to educate and engage younger generations in the protection of fish stocks, Paint a Fish left a legacy of free educational materials about sustainable fishing for teachers to download and use, even once the campaign had ended.


New Economics Foundation


12cm x 16.8cm



Project Duration

2 Months