The Ready House

Aberrant Architecture has created a flexible office interior for a creative agency in London’s
Shoreditch district using a transformable structure that allows the users to change the
layout when needed.

Informed by collaborative workshops at the start of the project and the branding identity of
the Ready House, the studio used a structure made from sustainable poplar plywood,
embedded with plants, to create semi-private meeting rooms and gathering spots within
the open-plan office space.

The challenge of the project was to intensify the use of the interior to include all of the
functions required for the modern workplace in a small environment and create something
that reflects the identity of the Ready House – young, dynamic and social.

The structure inspired by the shape of the Ready House logo sits at the front of the office
and contains a meeting room, which can be transformed into a meditation space, a coffee
station that unlocks to become a mobile bar, a phone nook, and a set of reconfigurable
bleachers for a variety of social settings.

The flexible structure was designed and constructed in collaboration with Sam Brown Design
using CNC technology and uses a wooden peg system to allow elements to fold and unlock
from the central core, which gives the client the freedom to organise and reconfigure the
space around it, by dismantling and moving the elements needed.

To allow the space to convert from an open-plan office into a space for social events, the
studio introduced an acoustic curtain that divides the interior to allow for work and social
events to occur concurrently.

“We are so impressed with the designs that Aberrant Architecture have created for us. We
don’t just have an office; they have created a dynamic space for us with flexible work
settings that can be structured to suit our needs. It has brought the whole team together
and given us all a reason to leave the house and head back to work from the same space”

Koral Ibrahim, founder and managing director of the Ready House


The Ready House




Shoreditch, London

Project Duration

12 Months